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The Smallest, Most Powerful Jumpstart Pack in its Class!

The Super Mini Booster is the smallest and most powerful jump starter pack in its class! We have a great new range of products just launched, check them out on our products page.

This is the original Super Mini Booster  that has been around for seven years and is not a lithium ion battery.

Beware of cheap imitations and trust in the brand that can deliver the quality performance and that is backed by reputable agents. 

Hook the Super Mini Booster up to your car’s dead battery and your car will start instantly.

Once the Super Mini Booster Battery is fully charged you’ll get between 10 to 20 jump starts from this handy Jump Starter Pack without having to plug the unit in.

Three Way Works stocks the Super Mini Booster. This portable emergency power pack is the smallest and most powerful jump starter pack in its class.

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Hi Paul,

Just a short note to tell you the minibooster arrived safely as promised. Once again my very grateful thanks. You went way and beyond my expectations. It is becoming increasingly rare for people to stand behind their product nowadays. You are a welcoming breath of fresh air.

Mike Curran, Whangarei


Benefits & Specifications


  • Delivers instant cold crank power when you need it
  • Has a fast, rechargeable long-life battery
  • Is easy to handle, lightweight and extremely compact
  • Is easy to store in your car, campervan, boat or jetski
  • Fully charged you’ll get between 10 and 20 jump starts from one pack
  • The 1200-Ampere battery can easily jump start any engine up to 6.5 litre (12 volts)
  • For trucks and cars needing more power, there’s the 12v & 24v Super Boosters
  • Weighs only 4.9kg with a 14AH high capacity
  • The charger includes 2 powerful LED lights to see under the bonnet in the dark
  • Comes with a mains charger, car charger and cigarette plug car adapter (if you don’t have a cigarette lighter in your car)
  • 1 Year limited Warranty


  • Size: 20.4 x 16.2 x 14.4cm
  • Weight: 4.6kg
  • Output: 12V (DC)/80W
  • Maximum Current 1200 Ampere
  • No jumper cables or another car needed
  • Instantly start the vehicle with a dead battery without the assistance of another car
  • Will not damage the computer system of your vehicle, as jump starting from another car can do sometimes
  • Easily recharge using main power
  • It can’t be overcharged or undercharged
  • Easy to use – no need to rely on other cars, or manoeuvring vehicles in to tight spaces to jump-start
  • Can be used to power accessories, such as your spotlight, air compressor, DVD player, radio, electric fan, electric cooler boxes, even your mobile phone
  • The LED lights can be used as a standard torch – great in an emergency situation

Our Awesome Product Line-Up

Portable Power

Super Mini Booster G4+++

Super Mini Booster G4+

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Super Mini Booster G7

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Super Mini Booster F1

Super Mini Booster F1

(Available to Wholesale Distributors only)

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Super Mini Booster G5

Super Mini Booster G5

(Available to Wholesale Distributors only)

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The Original Super Mini Booster

Super Compact Power Pack

The Super Mini Booster means you’ll never be stranded again with a flat battery.

Its versatility makes it the perfect emergency power pack, not just to recharge your boat or
vehicle but to provide power and light when it is most needed.

# 1 Bestseller

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Our Retailers
Super Mini Booster F1

What a great product! Saves me time and time again, especially during winter when i need it most. Small, powerful and really convenient, couldn’t do without it.

Brendan Bygate
Super Mini Booster G5

The Super Mini Booster is great during the summer months, I use it for all my boating and Jetski boosting to keep on the water and fishing!

Bob Constantine
Super Mini Booster G4+++

I love my Super Mini Booster. It always comes to the rescue when I leave the lights on or I need a quick charge for my cellphone. Great product and so easy to use.

Sarah Applebaum